The rebbe’s teachings on charity

All of the work that is done by the JRCC is built off of the pioneering methods of the international Chabad movement. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known as ‘the Rebbe,’ remains the dominant figure of the Chabad movement.

Not only is the Rebbe widely recognized as a pioneer of Jewish outreach, but he was also a prolific writer. His teachings have been published in hundreds of volumes. He also wrote tens of thousands of letters over his lifetime responding to personal requests for blessings and advice, many of which have been collected and published. The Rebbe’s vast body of work allows us to access his insights on an incredibly wide range of topics. So what are some of his thoughts on Jewish charity?

In a talk he delivered on Simchat Torah in 1957, the Rebbe explained that the Jewish people are like a Torah scroll. If one letter in a Torah scroll is damaged, the entire scroll is not fit for use. This applies equally to smaller and mid-sized letters as it does to larger letters. If even a single ‘yud,’ the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is missing, the entire Torah scroll is affected.

According to the Rebbe, the same concept applies to the Jewish people. No matter if they are ‘small,’ every Jew is integral to the Jewish community. The essence of the Jewish community is rooted in each individual Jewish person. Despite our superficial differences, we all belong to the same community, meaning that we are all connected, even to fellow Jews we don’t know or haven’t met.

This idea is easily applicable to the idea of giving charity. When you give to Jewish charities like JRCC Cares, our new umbrella organization that houses the JRCC Furniture Depot, Kosher Food Bank, and other social services, you are helping people who are part of the same community. Although you may never meet the people who benefitted from your donation, you can be certain that your contribution is helping members of your community — repairing letters in the same scroll. If you have used furniture items that are in good condition, including tables, desks, mattresses, box springs, etc., contact the JRCC Furniture Depot today to make a donation and ensure these items can be given to a family in need. (Please note that we do not accept appliances or electronics.)