The Various Costs of Moving

Whether you’re moving apartments, or upsizing from an apartment to a house, there are definite costs associated with moving that go beyond buying a new home or agreeing to a new contract. These costs are often forgotten, but are impossible to ignore when you’re in the position of a new homeowner. We’ll go through some of these costs and show you how to prepare for them (two words: savings account). Let’s get started!


Beyond deciding where you’re going to live, which is a pretty big cost on its own, there’s also the actual costs of moving. This involves boxes, packing materials, a moving truck or at the very least some sort of vehicle, and gas. Even if you’re planning on moving everything yourself, and you may need help with some of the heavier items, the costs of moving do tend to add up.

There are a few tips here: first, make sure you’ve budgeted for these expenses, if you’re planning on renting a moving truck yourself. Second, you could always reach out to friends and family, and see if they are available to help you move or turn to your community so see if anyone knows of a service which could give you a discount.


Furniture is a big expense, so when deciding to move, be sure to take stock of what you already have and make a list of what you think you’ll need. The best tip here is to prioritize; absolute needs come first, and wants can be purchased down the road when you’re settled and you have enough money saved.

If you already have furniture that you think will last you in your new place, at least until you can get new ones, then you’re set! If not, be sure to do your research, make a budget, take your time, get the furniture you absolutely need first, and enjoy the process.


To hook up all of your utilities – water, electricity, internet, etc. – you will likely have to pay a fee. This is simply an up-front cost to get your services connected, and it is not optional. You should keep this in mind, and definitely check with your service providers before you move!

The important thing to remember in your moving journey is that this is a positive change, and as long as you’re prepared, you’ll be just fine! The second thing to remember is, if you need help populating your home with furniture, please contact us, the JRCC Furniture Depot will help you.