Making the Most of a Small Space

Apartments in the Greater Toronto Area are not the largest, and yet the cost of rent and utilities are exorbitant. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to style your small space in such a way that is stylish, and tricks the eye into seeing more space. There are various tips and tricks which serve to brighten your space, make it look open and spacious, and do not add more stressful costs. We’re going to get into some of them right now.

Rearranging your room

The easiest, most cost-effective action you can take is rearranging your room. For example, if your bed is pushed right against a wall, it can make your space feel much smaller. Try moving it into the center of the room, and this will open up some space.

Clear up the clutter

If you have a lot of clutter on the floor, lamps or storage units, etc., the tip is to remove these; the more there is on your floor, the smaller your space will appear. What should you do with your clutter? Well, in terms of lamps, try to mount them on your wall, or create floating shelving units where you can place a smaller lamp instead. You can also invest in some LED lights, they’re very affordable on Amazon, and they also add some personality and cheer, as many of them flash or change color based on your preferences.

Storage also becomes a concern, because large storage units take up a lot of much needed space and clutter up a space as well. Instead, in your bedroom, you could get a bed with either a space for storage built-in underneath, or one with space beneath the bed which could potentially allow for storage (in your own boxes/packaging). This will free up space and allow for storage without any visible clutter.

Keep the furniture simple

In a smaller space, it’s really important to keep the décor simple. The more you have in the room, the smaller it will feel, so the best approach is minimalism and utility. It’ll look cleaner, clutter-free, and overall more spacious.

Good places to get basic furniture include Target, Winners/Homesense, IKEA, or even Amazon and various vintage stores.

Keep size in mind

Everything in your space should be to scale. For example, your bed should not overwhelm your room, and the other pieces you have in your room should be in direct proportion to the size of your bed.

Use paint

If you’re renting, there aren’t a lot of changes that you’re allowed to make. However, you can always make changes to your furniture. Painting the cabinets of your dresser, or the border of one of your mirrors, can make a huge difference in any space, especially a small one. It always allows for you to show your own personal style.
Use any space you can.

It’s always possible to create storage space – by repurposing other places in your home! Using any available area is possible, even when keeping in mind the need to clean up clutter which we mentioned earlier. You can stack your books on top of cabinets, or add a hanging basket to hold produce or other products, keeping the kitchen counter clear. This is a great way to maximize space while minimizing clutter, and keeping your home organized.

So, there you have it – low-cost ways to open up your space and personalize your apartment! At the JRCC Furniture Depot, we believe everyone should have a warm and comfortable home. If you need help accessing affordable furniture, contact us and we will help you reduce your furniture expenses.