Recycling household items beyond furniture

Big cities like Toronto have an equally big job in organizing the waste produced by the city’s residents. Each year, the City of Toronto must manage over 900,000 tons of waste. Managing waste properly requires money, energy, and also occupies valuable landfill space. In light of this, it’s important for all residents of the GTA to try to minimize the amount of waste they produce.

Donating to the JRCC Furniture Depot is one way to reduce waste production while also giving your old furniture items a second life, benefitting someone in need. The JRCC Furniture Depot collects donations of used furniture items like mattresses, tables, chairs, etc. and gives them to households in need, free of charge. All our clients are directly referred by case workers working at over 60 social service agencies from across Toronto and York Region, including women’s shelters, newcomer centres, and organizations that benefit chronically ill and disabled people.

By collecting donations of large furniture items, the JRCC Furniture Depot is able to save our clients a lot of money that can then be used on other essentials, like food and clothing. If you’ve already arranged for your used furniture to be donated to the JRCC Furniture Depot, here are some other ways to make sure your household items can find second homes — benefiting both those in need and the environment.

  • The Canadian Diabetes Association collects donations of gently used clothing and small household items. Each year they collect 100 million pounds of donated items, diverting them from landfills and using the proceeds to help fund diabetes research.
  • The Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy also collects donations of clothing and other textiles through its Clothing Pick-Up for Cerebral Palsy (CP4CP) program. They also accept donations of other reusable items like toys and games, sporting goods, electronics, and housewares.
  • Oasis Clothing Bank accepts donations of gently used clothing, linens, and housewares including dishes, silverware, and other kitchen supplies, among other items.

If you have furniture items that are in good condition, including tables, desks, mattresses, box springs, etc., contact the JRCC Furniture Depot today to make a donation. (Please note that we do not accept appliances or electronics.)