Recycling doesn’t stop with furniture

Donors to the JRCC Furniture Depot are sometimes surprised to learn just how easily their furniture can be given a second life through our donation program. Donating used furniture pieces is a charitable and environmentally friendly way to make sure these items can be given to underprivileged people trying to establish safe and healthy homes.

The Furniture Depot accepts donations of used furniture items, like tables, chairs, desks, and mattresses. However, furniture pieces are not the only household items that can be recycled. Many other household items can be reused or donated for a good cause, and some of them may surprise you!

Even products that you may consider single use, like plastic bags, can be recycled. Currently, Ontarians use about seven million plastic bags every day. In York Region, the Plastic Bag Take-Back program was started to reduce this amount of waste. The program allows consumers to drop off their plastic bags at certain stores to be recycled, reducing the amount of plastic that is sent to landfills. Recycled plastic bags can be used to manufacture new plastic bags, plastic lumber, patio furniture, and park benches.

One of the most unique recycling programs in Canada is run by March of Dimes, which accepts donations of aluminum pop tabs, the small pieces of metal that open aluminum cans. Because of their size, it is easy for charities to handle recycling large volumes of tabs. They are easy to store and cleaner than full size cans, in addition to being easy to recycle. There are so many ways to repurpose everyday items to reduce the impact of household waste on the environment. One method is to take advantage of the JRCC Furniture Depot’s commitment to reducing waste through reusing and repurposing used furniture. Make sure to contact us today for an environmentally-friendly solution to your unwanted furniture items. (Please note that we do not accept appliances or electronics.)