Donating furniture for spring cleaning? Here are some other useful tips

At the JRCC Furniture Depot, we collect donations of thousands of used furniture items each year, and redistribute them to families in need. Our clients are referred directly by case workers at over 60 partnering social service agencies across the GTA. Receiving free furniture helps these clients, 99% of whom are living below the poverty line, establish safe and healthy households.

Spring is usually a perfect time of year to do a deep-cleaning of your household. The weather is nicer, making cleaning and decluttering a much more pleasant experience overall. It’s also a good time to get rid of the grime that may have accumulated over the long winter and freshen up your space.

This is also a perfect time to consider sprucing up your home. Small changes like new paint or decorations can make a big difference, and so can replacing older furniture items. If you have used furniture items that are in good condition, such as desks, tables, or chairs, contact the JRCC to arrange a donation.

Here are some other tips for making your spring cleaning as easy and thorough as possible:

  • Make a checklist

Making a checklist for each area of your home will help you stay organized. Consider dividing up your house by room, and then making a list of everything that needs cleaning in that room. For example, the tasks for cleaning a bedroom might include changing the sheets, washing your pillows, and cleaning under the bed.

  • Don’t just clean, declutter

Things can be clean but still disorganized and cluttered. Use this opportunity to actually get rid of unwanted or unused items, instead of just cleaning and replacing everything. Use a website like the Toronto Waste Wizard to see where your waste items should go, and what’s eligible for donation.

  • Don’t forget walls and windows

 Dust can accumulate on these surfaces too, so be sure to wipe them down. This should include removing and wiping your window screens.

  • Be wary of allergies

If you have severe allergies, you should be aware that cleaning will unsettle a lot of dust that’s accumulated over the winter on furniture and other fixtures. Using strong cleaning products can also trigger allergies, so be sure to use masks, rubber gloves, or other protective equipment.

In the midst of spring cleaning, you may be considering getting rid of your unwanted furniture. If you have items like tables, chairs, desks, etc. in good condition, consider making a donation to the JRCC Furniture Depot to make sure these items can be repurposed and provided to a family in need.