Furniture Donation Program

The JRCC Furniture depot helps people with limited means settle and create a home by providing them with furniture free of charge under our furniture donation program . Those donating furniture, can take pride in knowing their gently used furniture is going to those who need it. 

The JRCC Furniture Depot is a not for profit organization, aims to give free furniture to families and individuals in need. The warehouse is located in the heart of Thornhill, and its size is 13,000 sq/ft. The inventory includes many furniture items, such as tables, chairs, mattresses, desks, sofas, etc.

The JRCC Furniture Depot collaborates with 40 social services agencies across York Region and Toronto, in order to serve the most vulnerable, and give them an opportunity to reestablish their lives with the most basic need at home by donating used furniture.

Part of the initiative operates as a social enterprise, whereas the income from the pickup fee paid by donors, assists in creating financial sustainability, and allows the program to be partly independent.

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