JRCC Furniture Depot Blog Post #9: The Vast Service Area and Clientele of the FD

The JRCC Furniture Depot is a prominent and well-connected organization providing relief services and aid for a vast population in need in the Greater Toronto Area. The JRCC Furniture Depot has grown substantially since 1985, when it was merely a small community donation service for local used furniture. Today, the Furniture Depot has evolved into the second largest furniture bank in Canada, serving an immense geographic area and a wide-ranging clientele, far beyond the local community it began in. 

As seen in our service area chart, the JRCC Furniture Depot has a very far reaching service-area spanning 2,377.78 km2 and populating over 4 million residents! A large leap from the local community in Thornhill/North York it was originally founded in. 

The great impact of the JRCC Furniture Depot is not only measured by how far we are willing to travel to pick up furniture for those in need, but by the extent of our partnership network and number of clients in the GTA. Our number of clients has grown significantly over the past few years; In 2014 we had 870 clients, only a few years later in 2018 we proudly serve 2350 clients! The large majority of which are living below the poverty line. 

The JRCC Furniture Depot has effectively grown its network over the past decades, where now its partnerships include over 60 referral agencies and over 200 case workers. The amazing work done by the JRCC Furniture Depot has gained it recognition and support from all levels of government and private foundations, with large supporters including; The Regional Municipality of York, City of Vaughan Mayor’s Gala, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and more.