JRCC Furniture Depot Blog Post #7- Accessibility at the FD

With the diverse clientele the FD services within Toronto and York region, it is worthwhile noting that we are committed to ensuring that anyone referred to us has accessibility within our facility- regardless of the limitations they have. Furniture donations are helpful only if it’s made accessible to all our clients! This blog post is about accessibility at the JRCC FD and how the FD provides it.

The JRCC furniture depot receives referrals from ODSP and Ontario Works to assist clients in need. The FD thus accommodates for challenges with accessibility faced by clients referred by these organizations by providing a fully accessible facility.

“Fully accessible; really?”

Saying that our facility fully is accessible sounds like a big deal; let’s talk about the accessibility options the FD provides.

Before stepping foot in the FD- accessibility options are present

Outside the FD a door-push button is provided for those who are unable to open the door.

Take the Stairs or the Elevator?

While the stairs may be a healthier option for some, for others it presents a challenge. With this sensitivity in mind, an elevator has been installed to provide ease of access to the facility for all clients visiting the FD.

Staff at the FD have all completed AODA training

Yes, ALL STAFF. To assure that we can accommodate for all clients regardless of their disability, staff at the JRCC furniture depot were required to complete the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act training course (link: here) as part of their employment at the FD.

Seamless entry/exit from reception to showroom

To provide accessibility to the showroom, access to the showroom from reception is sans-stairs and entirely wheelchair accessible! This assures that all clients will be able to see the furniture donations available and will be given fair opportunity to select the items they are interested in.


While it sounds hard to believe, “seeing is believing” at the FD. If you or anyone you know wants to donate used furniture, call us up at 416-222-7105 ext.500 or email furniture@jrcc.org for your furniture pickup quote today!