JRCC Furniture Depot Blog #8  – The FD in Media

Helping spread awareness about the FD and the services it provides for York Region, as coverage from the media goes a long way. This helps the public know what we do with used furniture donations and how the FD functions as a furniture bank helping those in need. While vast, this blog covers some of the highlights where the FD has been featured in the media over the past few years.


CBC News -January 11,2016 (24:31) – The FD helps Syrian refugee families settle in Canada by providing furniture to help furnish their homes.

“…we give out what we get; The more furniture people give us, the more families we can help.”

-Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman, CEO of JRCC


Thornhill Liberal (on YorkRegion.com) -January 14, 2016 – The FD helps refugee families furnish their homes.

“The Jewish Russian Community Centre teamed up with the Armenian community to provide furniture and other household items to help the refugees settle into new homes. […] The five refugee families received basic furniture, including mattresses, tables and chairs. Some also picked out dressers and wall units.”


Canadian Jewish News (CJN)- December 21 2017– An article describing how the FD helps individuals and families in need across York Region and Toronto.

“Not only does donating used items of furniture divert them from landfills, making the endeavor environmentally friendly, but it also fulfils Maimonides’ injunction to first help those in one’s own community and then to assist others. ‘We have an obligation to those living in our city, who are not part of our community,’”


As of recent, the FD has been featured in councilor Jaye Robinson’s  e-newsletter for March 2019:

“The JRCC Furniture Depot is the second largest furniture bank in Canada, and I was able to tour their facilities earlier this month. The Furniture Depot provides free furniture to north and east Toronto residents, including many new Canadians. Donations are needed and very much appreciated”


The FD is thankful to these media outlets and others who featured its services to York Region and Toronto. We look forward to helping the needy of York Region and Toronto for many years to come – but we still need YOUR help!


Donate used furniture today! Schedule a pickup and help those in need.