Blog Post #10: What Are Charitable Tax Receipts?

Choosing to donate furniture as opposed to throwing it out benefits not only those in need, the environment, and the community, it also greatly benefits the donor in many ways. When donating one effectively removes the no longer needed furniture giving it a new life by allowing a family in need to obtain that furniture all while reducing waste.  Decluttering one’s home and getting rid of unneeded furniture could be a hassle, luckily donating furniture to the JRCC Furniture Depot has many advantages. Not only do our donors get to enjoy our competitive prices and ease of operation, they also receive a charitable tax receipt.

What is a charitable tax receipt is, how does it work, and how is it beneficial? Simply put, a charitable tax receipt is an official legal paper that gives a tax advantage to individuals and business that donate to a charity. It can directly reduce the amount of income tax you owe and in turn saves you money. The JRCC Furniture Depot is a non-for-profit organization that can issue these official tax receipts. These tax receipts get delivered in mail to our donors within 90 days of their charitable donation. With the help of a licensed official, we have implemented a system which helps determine the optimal tax amount, making us an efficiently operating organization. We hope to have given you a better understanding about the benefits and reimbursement available to any potential donors. The JRCC Furniture Depot looks forward to continuing helping you help those in need! For any further questions feel free to visit our donor FAQ page here on our website or call/email our office.