Fun and Cost-Effective Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Furniture

For some, COVID-19 has led to a remodeling craze, as many were working, studying, and relaxing from home. As such, there developed a plethora of new, creative, and inexpensive ways to make changes to your home. You don’t need to break the bank to freshen up your abode, and we’ll give you a few of our favorite tips here.

A fresh coat of paint works for so many things – a car, nails, even your shoes. Why not your home? You can repaint your cabinets, your walls, or even your front door – pick a nice, bright color and liven up your street, bring light into your home or even open up your kitchen, all with a can of paint.

If you don’t want to paint, you can always add accessories. A nice rug or a set of curtains can certainly change the look of your home, by adding color, personality, and style. With rugs and curtains, size matters – if a rug is going under a table, the rug should be larger than the table, and curtains should be made to fit the size of your window or the height of your wall.

Of course, it is possible to change the look of your furniture to suit your home as well. You can refinish or repaint furniture depending on its material. You can also change the hardware on your cupboards and drawers, which can give your cabinets an update without the cost of changing them completely. Adding cushions to chairs or tablecloths to your tables can also change the look and style of your chair without the high cost – and you can change the tablecloths and cushions more often for less expense, to suit your mood!

If you are more inclined to replace your furniture, the JRCC is more than happy to accept your gently used furniture donations. If you are in need of furniture to create your warm environment, contact us at 416-222-7105 x500 and we will help you.