Blog Post #12: Environmental Awareness and Furniture Donation

The JRCC Furniture Depot has been a staple in the GTA community for years. It has been a great help and service to many in need and has received much recognition for the work it does. The donation and re-use of furniture not only benefits us in terms of a social service, from an environmental standpoint, the JRCC Furniture Depot has greatly made great strides in waste reduction and conservation. The past decade has seen a dramatic increase and focus on climate change and environmental sustainability and health and we are glad to see our organization offering practical solutions.  

Very recently a climate emergency was declared in Toronto after 47 influential organizations, many officials, and citizens called for one. With much emphasis being put on waste management, recycling, and deforestation prevention, it is organizations such as the JRCC Furniture Depot that will be making a great difference in communities around the world. When someone decides to donate their furniture for re-use rather than throwing it out, the result is less landfill dumping and less trees being cut down to produce more furniture. The numbers speak for themselves, since 2014 we have served 10,000 clients and 3,200 households, resulting in over 17,000 pieces of furniture have been diverted from landfills and given to those in need thanks to the JRCC Furniture Depot. It is programs such as these that give a practical and efficient solutions to many of the climate issues arising today. 

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