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We spend a third of our lives sleeping, make it count.

For years, the JRCC Furniture Depot has been working with the local community to help its most vulnerable members. Every year, we give away more than five thousand pieces of furniture to those who need it most, including children, refugees, and people transitioning out of shelters. Many are surprised to learn that this program includes beds as well!

Beds – generally made up of bed frames, box springs and mattresses – are some of our clients’ most needed items, and we are proud to be able to provide them. Whether someone is looking for a queen, double, or twin-sized bed, the Furniture Depot staff is happy to assist in choosing a bed that will work best for our clients and their diverse needs. We even give away specialty beds like bunk beds, captain beds, and cribs!

Donors and clients alike are happy to learn that all the beds the Furniture Depot gives away are in good condition. Upon receiving bed donations, the Furniture Depot staff use our impressive steam room to deep clean the mattresses and box springs, ensuring that they are safe for our clients to sleep on. It is only then that the gently used bed parts are displayed and made available for selection.

Of course, none of this could be done without the help of our generous donors. All too often, used mattresses are thrown out and left to rot in landfills. Many people simply do not realize that mattress donation is an option. At the Furniture Depot, mattress donations are not just an eco-friendly option, but a necessity. When someone decides to donate a mattress to the Furniture Depot, it means that a child has a bed instead of sleeping on the floor.

Here at the JRCC Furniture Depot, we create stable and warm family homes by providing furniture for those in need. We strongly believe that beds, the cornerstones of the home, are an integral part of this process. If you or someone you know has beds and mattresses that are no longer needed, we urge you to please consider donating them to the Furniture Depot. By doing so, you are directly impacting the lives of the community’s most vulnerable members. By giving someone the stability of a bed to sleep on, you are ensuring that they can get up in the morning and take the steps they need not just to survive, but to flourish.